We have a keen passion for our job, which revolves around finding the best possible way of transporting your goods. But this is just a small part of a far bigger picture. We attach great importance to personal contact and engage intensively with your goods in order to get a clear idea of what aspects of transport and handling matter most.

Just as some professional athletes’ talent is discovered early on, it is the same for our family and business when it comes to transport and logistics. You are quite likely to find our senior boss at the wheel of a forklift truck loading up the vehicles. This is not, of course, because we are short of staff, but for the sheer enjoyment of it. This passion is what sets us apart from our competitors and which we invest in our services.


We are conscious of our responsibility to the environment and society, and of course, to our customers, service providers and employees. Our company actively bears this responsibility in its day-to-day business and beyond. As part of a functioning society, we believe in the community spirit and therefore support long-term communal projects such as the

• Carolinum Osnabrück school rowing team
• SVC Belm Powe football club
• Belm integration workshop

As a family business, we place importance on the long view in our business dealings and to passing on our company to the next generations. We therefore manage our business with a view to the future, rather than to short-term profit. As we are entirely financed by equity, we are free to make our own decisions.